Génétique et Epigénétique moléculaires des espèces animales utilisées en croisement

GenEpi Research Activities

GENEPI (Genetics and Epigenetics) team focuses on the molecular genetics dissection of Mendelian and complex traits in domestic animals, using state-of-the-art genome-wide approaches. Researches are mainly conducted in swine, rabbit, and poultry which present the common specificity to be used in crosses. Moreover traits studied (Quality of products / Feed efficiency / Maternal qualities / Adaptation to heat) are major criteria for the selection schemes in most of these species.

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Opportunities for research in the team

We are always looking for motivated and creative new team members, so please inquire about open positions in the team.

Postdoctoral candidates:Please contact Julie Demars, including a motivation letter, your C.V., the names and contact details of potential referees. Please use your current institution’s e-mail account if possible. If no open position are available at that time, we will be very happy to build together a proposal for post-doctoral funding


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