GenEpi Research Activities

GENEPI (Genetics and Epigenetics) team focuses on the molecular genetics dissection of Mendelian and complex traits in domestic animals, using state-of-the-art genome-wide approaches. Researches are mainly conducted in swine, rabbit, and poultry which present the common specificity to be used in crosses. Moreover traits studied (Quality of products / Feed efficiency / Maternal qualities / Adaptation to heat) are major criteria for the selection schemes in most of these species. Our work are conducted in collaboration with other research teams (GenPhySE, national or international teams) taking advantage of the INRA experimental units or commercial populations for the animals production. Part of our projects are conducted in collaboration with technical institutes and breeding companies.

The team's activities are related to three major research domains:

  • he identification of genes and variants underlying economically important traits. Positional cloning strategies are used to identify regions of the genome and their associated quantitative effects on the traits. In a second step, fine mapping strategies and complementary genomic tools are combined to identify genes and genetic variants
  • The characterization of interactions at the molecular level ; several kind of interactions are taken into account : epistasy (G x G), genetics x environment (G x E), host genetics x flora, maternal effects...
  • The characterization of the importance of epigenetics in the phenotypic variability and the transmission of these effects over generations. These works are conducted in quail and rabbit using these species as models for birds and mammals.