Past Seminars

Date Speaker Institution Title
5 February 2024 Claudia VICENTE INRAE - GenPhySE - NED Specialised metabolites: biosynthesis, regulation and pathway diversity in Streptomyces
15 May 2023 Maya HILPOLD GenPhySe - GESPR Genetic Characterization of Impaired Sperm Quality and Insemination Success in Brown Swiss Bulls
17 April 2023 Celine Carillier-Jacquin INRAE - GenPhySE - MODGEN Prédiction génomique de l'efficacité alimentaire et digestive du porc en utilisant des données microbiote
3 April 2023 Thibault Leroy GenPhySE - CytoGene Genetic diversity and load of western honeybees: a preliminary work
27 March 2023 Stéphanie Drusch, Valérie Fillon et Davi Savietto INRAE Gotheron SYSED - INRAE Toulouse The rabbit, the apple orchard and the benefits of an innovative association
20 March 2023 Carine Genet GenPhySE - GenRoc Retrogènes : données bibliographie et travaux préliminaires chez les Ruminants.
13 March 2023 Lucy Peters GenPhySE - DynaGen A Bayesian approach to characterize the distribution of adaptive effects from multiple population data.
6 March 2023 Maxime Garcia Seqera Labs nf-core/sarek a Best-Practices community pipeline for WGS/WES
16 January 2023 Evelyne Todd CAGT, CNRS UMR 5288, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse The origins of donkey domestication
9 January 2023 Laurent Cauquil GenPhySE, INRAE Utilisation du cahier de laboratoire numérique ElabFTW à GenPhySE