Current advances in proteomic analysis of (fatty) liver.

TitleCurrent advances in proteomic analysis of (fatty) liver.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMolette, C, Theron, L, Marty-Gasset, N, Fernandez, X, Rémignon, H
JournalJ Proteomics
Date Published2012 Jul 19
KeywordsAnimals, Ducks, Fatty Liver, Gene Expression Profiling, Poultry Diseases, Proteome, Proteomics

In this review, an overview on proteomic studies conducted in livers of farm animals is conducted with a special focus on liver steatosis in waterfowl. Several studies had interest in understanding liver metabolism in dairy cows under various conditions (e.g. fasting) or the evolution of liver proteome during embryonic phases or growing periods in chicken. Those studies provide interesting results leading to a better understanding of the liver metabolism. Liver steatosis development in waterfowl represents a special case and a focus on proteomic studies conducted in these birds will be done. Indeed, recent studies aimed at resolving protein evolution during overfeeding in duck. Proteomic analysis combining two complementary approaches (2-dimensional electrophoresis gels and shot gun strategy) in order to better understand the mechanisms underlying the variability of cooking yield of fatty liver will be presented. j p r o t
Alternate JournalJ Proteomics
PubMed ID22575383