Génétique et Sélection des Petits Ruminants

GeSPR Research Activities

GeSPR (Génétique et selection des petits ruminants) team is involved in quantitative genetic studies of small ruminants (meat sheep, dairy sheep, dairy goats, Angora goats). Our aims are to better understand genetic determinism of traits and to improve by selection traits of interest for small ruminant industry. Different approaches are developed to estimate genetic parameters, to search for QTL and causal mutations, to explore genetic diversity, to investigate and perform parental assignation, genetic evaluation and genomic selection, with special emphasis on robustness.

Latest News

Better understanding of the links between ruminal microbiota and milk production in ewes

Ruminants are able to digest the dietary fibres present in their feed thanks to the micro-organisms - particularly bacteria - present in their fore-stomach (rumen). The relationship between the composition of this ruminal microbiota and various traits of interest, such as feed efficiency, milk composition and animal health, has been established in cattle. Researchers from the GesPR and NED teams of GenPhySE laboratory have studied these relationships in dairy sheep.


Frédéric Douhard
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Jean-Louis Weisbecker
Christophe Huau
Isabelle Palhière
Berengère Pena-Arnaud
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Mathieu Arnal
Emilie Cobo
Alice Etourneau
Quentin Le Graverand
Roberta Rostellato
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