Génomique des Ruminants Ovins et Caprins

GenRoc Research Activities

Researches of the Small Ruminants Genomics team “Génomique des Ruminants Ovins et Caprins” are devoted to the identification of genes and their polymorphisms underlying quantitative traits in sheep and goats and the understanding of the molecular mechanisms leading to the extreme phenotypes observed.

Our main research fields are:

Discovery of new mutations in small ruminants with an effect on mastitis, parasitism resistance and ovulation rate.
Understanding the effects of already discovered mutations responsible for a variation in ovulation rate. This is mainly related to the Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) gene family.
Transcriptomic studies (DNA-arrays, RNAseq) of oocyte and granulosa cells in ovine early ovarian follicular development
SNP discovery and SNP array design for goat genomics, collaboration to goat genome sequencing.