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Our team has a long history regarding the cytogenetic mapping of farm animal genomes and her previous works contributed largely to the assembly of actual farm animals reference genomes. In the nineties, we produced various radiation hybrid panel for farm animals (pig, quail, chicken...) that significantly contribute to the high resolution gene mapping in these species.

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New methods for genotyping honeybee colonies

Statistical performance of the genotype reconstruction method

The honey bee is an eusocial species organized in colonies of several thousand individuals. From a genetic point of view, the founding queen of a colony mates beforehand with several males to constitute a pool of spermatozoa which will be used throughout her life to produce the individuals of the colony. Most of the colony is made up of diploid workers resulting from fertilizations and occasionally of a few haploid males, resulting from an unfertilized gamete of the queen and whose role is only reproductive. In beekeeping, traits of interest for selection are mainly measured at the colony level, whereas selection is mainly done at the queen level. It is therefore essential to develop methods that allow to genotype a colony at a lower cost.


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