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Cytogene Research Activities

Our team has a long history regarding the cytogenetic mapping of farm animal genomes and her previous works contributed largely to the assembly of actual farm animals reference genomes. In the nineties, we produced various radiation hybrid panel for farm animals (pig, quail, chicken...) that significantly contribute to the high resolution gene mapping in these species. During the same period, we started a systematic cytogenetic diagnostic of boars selected for gene diffusion allowing french pig breeders to avoid the introduction of potentially deleterious chromosomal abnormalities in the breeding schemas.

In keeping with her previous expertise, our team integrates new technologies and actual scientific questions to now focuses her research activity on four main topics:

1. Nuclear architecture and genome expression
2. Genome and epigenome plasticity during gametogenesis: consequences on farm animals fertility
3. Characterization of the genetic diversity of french honey bees (Apis Meliferra) populations
4. Structural Genomics and Cytogenomics