Cytogenetic analysis of somatic and germinal cells from 38,XX/38,XY phenotypically normal boars.

TitleCytogenetic analysis of somatic and germinal cells from 38,XX/38,XY phenotypically normal boars.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBarasc, H, Ferchaud, S, Mary, N, Cucchi, MAdélaïde, Lucena, ANaranjo, Letron, IRaymond, Calgaro, A, Bonnet, N, Dudez, AMarie, Yerle, M, Ducos, A, Pinton, A
Date Published2014 Jan 15
KeywordsAneuploidy, Animals, Chimerism, In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence, Leukocytes, Male, Phenotype, Reproduction, Sex Chromosomes, Sex Determination Processes, Spermatozoa, Swine, Swine Diseases

Many chromosomal abnormalities have been reported to date in pigs. Most of them have been balanced structural rearrangements, especially reciprocal translocations. A few cases of XY/XX chimerism have also been diagnosed within the national systematic chromosomal control program of young purebred boars carried out in France. Until now, this kind of chromosomal abnormality has been mainly reported in intersex individuals. We investigated 38,XY/38,XX boars presenting apparently normal phenotypes to evaluate the potential effects of this particular chromosomal constitution on their reproductive performance. To do this, we analyzed (1) the chromosomal constitution of cells from different organs in one boar; (2) the aneuploidy rates for chromosomes X, Y, and 13 in sperm nuclei sampled from seven XY/XX boars. 2n = 38,XX cells were identified in different nonhematopoietic tissues including testis (frequency, <8%). Similar aneuploidy rates were observed in the sperm nuclei of XY/XX and normal individuals (controls). Altogether, these results suggest that the presence of XX cells had no or only a very limited effect on the reproduction abilities of the analyzed boars.

Alternate JournalTheriogenology
PubMed ID24200468