Bacterial Consumption of T4 Phages.

TitleBacterial Consumption of T4 Phages.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsGodon, J-J, Bize, A, Ngo, H, Cauquil, L, Almeida, M, Petit, M-A, Zemb, O
Date Published2021 Aug 31

The bacterial consumption of viruses not been reported on as of yet even though bacteria feed on almost anything. Viruses are widely distributed but have no acknowledged active biocontrol. Viral biomass undoubtedly reintegrates trophic cycles; however, the mechanisms of this phase still remain unknown. C-labelled T4 phages monitor the increase of the density of the bacterial DNA concomitant with the decrease of plaque forming units. We used C T4 phages as a control. T4 phage disappearance in wastewater sludge was found to occur mainly through predation by . Phage consumption also favours significant in situ bacterial growth. Furthermore, an isolated strain of was observed to grow on T4 phages as sole the source of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Bacterial species are capable of consuming bacteriophages in situ, which is likely a widespread and underestimated type of biocontrol. This assay is anticipated as a starting point for harnessing the bacterial potential in limiting the diffusion of harmful viruses within environments such as in the gut or in water.

Alternate JournalMicroorganisms
PubMed ID34576747
PubMed Central IDPMC8472381