Chicken Microchromosomes in the Lampbrush Phase: A Cytogenetic Description.

TitleChicken Microchromosomes in the Lampbrush Phase: A Cytogenetic Description.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGalkina, S, Fillon, V, Saifitdinova, A, Daks, A, Kulak, M, Dyomin, A, Koshel, E, Gaginskaya, ER
JournalCytogenet Genome Res
Date Published2017

Lampbrush chromosomes are giant, transcriptionally active, meiotic chromosomes found in oocytes of all vertebrates with the exception of mammals. Lampbrush chromosomes offer a convenient tool for cytogenetic mapping and, in particular, have been instrumental in mapping genes and linkage groups on chicken (GGA) chromosomes. Whereas cytogenetic maps of macrochromosome GGA1-10 and microchromosome GGA11-16 lampbrush bivalents have been established, identification and description of smaller microchromosome bivalents are still missing. In this work, we used specific FISH probes for the identification of 12 chicken lampbrush chromosomes formed by GGA17-28. Our observations on chromomere and lateral loop arrangement and chiasma position allowed us to construct the respective cytogenetic maps for these microchromosomes. For the 10 smallest chicken microchromosomes, GGA29-38, no individual molecular tags are available, yet they can be collectively marked using the PO41 repeat. The reported results contribute to building of working cytogenetic maps of the chicken karyotype.

Alternate JournalCytogenet. Genome Res.
PubMed ID28564645