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Nutrition et Ecosystèmes Digestifs

NED Research Activities

The NED (Nutrition and Digestive Ecosystems) team studies the gut microbiota in farm animals in the context of the transition towards more sustainable breeding systems. Our first objective is to limit antibiotic resistance in livestock by (i) preventing the use of antimicrobials through enhancement of animal defenses against pathogens and (ii) reducing the abundance of antimicrobial resistance genes in digestive ecosystems. Our second objective is to optimize the use of feed resources by improving the action of the gut microbiota on digestion, host metabolism and on the quality of productions (e.g. milk).

Latest News

FROGS: Find Rapidly OTU with Galaxy Solution

Microbial communities play a major role in various environmental processes, including carbon recycling and health. The engineering of these ecosystems is largely based on the control of their diversity. FROGS is a user-friendly pipeline dedicated to biologists that gives access to specific diversity of microbial communities from high-throughput sequencing of amplicons. FROGS has been developed to be very fast even on large amounts of data in using cutting-edge tools and an optimized design.

Gut microbiota derived metabolites contribute to intestinal barrier maturation at the suckling-to-weaning transition

pig intestine organoid (©Martin Beaumont)

The metabolites produced by the microbiota at the onset of solid food ingestion contribute to the maturation of the gut barrier at the suckling-to-weaning transition. Targeting the gut microbiota metabolic activity during this key developmental window might therefore be a promising strategy to promote intestinal homeostasis.


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