Dynagen Research Activities

Our research focuses on developping and applying data analysis methods for the understanding of genetic and phenotypic diversity of livestock species and the evolution of their genomes.

Livestock species are good models to study species evolution and adaptation because they have experienced a complex evolutionary history from their domestication to their recent intensive genetic breeding. Moreover, due to this breeding objective, we have some knowledge of their history and their zootechnical characteristics and have access to a wide panel of genomic tools (complete genome sequences, SNP genotyping platforms, expression arrays ...). These tools and knowledge offer the possibility to study their diversity and history on a large scale.

In this context, our team focuses on the development and application of data-analysis methods and tools for the exploitation of large scale biological data and in studying approaches to combine different biological data (sequence, expression, metabolics ...) into a systems biology approach.

Research Projects

  • Evolution, comparative genomics and comparative mapping of animal genomes
  • Genetical inference of the history of livestock populations. Demography, past selection pressures and their impact on the genome
  • Relationships between phenotypic and genetic diversity in livestock populations.