Siberian sturgeon multi-tissue reference transcriptome database.

TitleSiberian sturgeon multi-tissue reference transcriptome database.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKlopp, C, Cabau, C, Greif, G, Lasalle, A, Di Landro, S, Vizziano-Cantonnet, D
JournalDatabase (Oxford)
Date Published2020 Nov 25

MOTIVATION: Siberian sturgeon is a long lived and late maturing fish farmed for caviar production in 50 countries. Functional genomics enable to find genes of interest for fish farming. In the absence of a reference genome, a reference transcriptome is very useful for sequencing based functional studies.

RESULTS: We present here a high-quality transcriptome assembly database built using RNA-seq reads coming from brain, pituitary, gonadal, liver, stomach, kidney, anterior kidney, heart, embryonic and pre-larval tissues. It will facilitate crucial research on topics such as puberty, reproduction, growth, food intake and immunology. This database represents a major contribution to the publicly available sturgeon transcriptome reference datasets.

AVAILABILITY: The database is publicly available at Supplementary information:  Supplementary data are available at Database online.

Alternate JournalDatabase (Oxford)
PubMed ID33238003