Analysis of pig transcriptomes suggests a global regulation mechanism enabling temporary bursts of circular RNAs.

TitleAnalysis of pig transcriptomes suggests a global regulation mechanism enabling temporary bursts of circular RNAs.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRobic, A, Faraut, T, Djebali, S, Weikard, R, Feve, K, Maman, S, Kuehn, C
JournalRNA Biol
Date Published2019 Jun 03

To investigate the dynamics of circRNA expression in pig testes, we designed specific strategies to individually study circRNA production from intron lariats and circRNAs originating from back-splicing of two exons. By applying these methods on seven Total-RNA-seq datasets sampled during the testicular puberty, we detected 126 introns in 114 genes able to produce circRNAs and 5,236 exonic circRNAs produced by 2,516 genes. Comparing our RNA-seq datasets to datasets from the literature (embryonic cortex and postnatal muscle stages) revealed highly abundant intronic and exonic circRNAs in one sample each in pubertal testis and embryonic cortex, respectively. This abundance was due to higher production of circRNA by the same genes in comparison to other testis samples, rather than to the recruitment of new genes. No global relationship between circRNA and mRNA production was found. We propose ExoCirc-9244 () as a marker of a particular stage in testis, which is characterized by a very low plasma estradiol level and a high abundance of circRNA in testis. We hypothesize that the abundance of testicular circRNA is associated with an abrupt switch of the cellular process to overcome a particular challenge that may have arisen in the early stages of steroid production. We also hypothesize that, in certain circumstances, isoforms and circular transcripts from different genes share functions and that a global regulation of circRNA production is established. Our data indicate that this massive production of circRNAs is much more related to the structure of the genes generating circRNAs than to their function. PE: Paired Ends; CR: chimeric Read; SR: Split Read; circRNA: circular RNA; NC: non conventional; ExoCirc-RNA: exonic circular RNA; IntroLCirc-: name of a porcine intronic lariat circRNA; ExoCirc-: name of a porcine exonic circRNA; IntronCircle-: name of a porcine intron circle; sisRNA: stable intronic sequence RNA; P: porcine breed Pietrain; LW: porcine breed Large White; RT: reverse transcription/reverse transcriptase; Total-RNA-seq: RNA-seq obtained from total RNA after ribosomal depletion; mRNA-seq: RNA-seq of poly(A) transcripts; TPM: transcripts per million; CR-PM: chimeric reads per million; RBP: RNA binding protein; miRNA: micro RNA; E2: estradiol; DHT: dihydrotestesterone.

Alternate JournalRNA Biol
PubMed ID31120323