Génétique des systèmes en lien avec l'adaptation et la robustesse

GenoRobust Research Activities

Our research aims to identify levers to increase the robustness of animals by restoring a better balance between production and adaptability. In this context, we analyze the genetic architecture of stress response systems (particularly the HPA axis) and metabolic processes involved in the balance between production and adaptation (especially energy metabolism of muscle and liver), and epigenetic mechanisms that influence them.


Cécile Bonnefont
Agnès Bonnet
Laurence Liaubet
Mireille Morisson
Elena Mormède
Pierre Mormède
Hervé Rémignon
Lisa Bluy
Laure Gress
Hélène Manse
Nathalie Marty-Gasset
Aurélie Sécula
PhD Students
Bara Lo
Pauline Ly
Former Members
Michel Bouiller-Oudot