Junior research scientist in nutritional programming of microbiota metabolism

Job Type: 
Chargé de Recherches

Your aim will be to have a better understanding of how dietary substrates shape the metabolic activity of microbiota for the production of bioactive metabolites. You will work in a multidisciplinary team of 20 people, including cell biologists, physiologists, microbiologists and bioinformaticians, using your skills in bacterial metabolic engineering (identification of microbial metabolic pathways and in vitro culture of candidate bacteria).

Initially, you will focus on the identification of microbial genes involved in the utilization of nutritional substrates. You will complement these approaches with in vitro culture of candidate bacteria, i.e. expressing the genes of interest, to produce the bioactive metabolites.

In the longer term, you will further explore the physiology and metabolism of these bacterial key species of the gut microbiota, in order to help to define nutritional programming strategies favourable to their development within the gut microbiota and ultimately favourable to the health of the host animal.

Interested? Contact us (sylvie.combes dot inrae.fr) and visit the INRAE Jobs website from now until 2 March 2023 to apply!
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Sylvie Combes

Sylvie dot Combes at inra dot fr